Our Story

Over 10 years ago while I was studying cosmetology, I remember that one of my goals was to one day acquire my own beauty salon.  Fortunately, that opportunity came at an early stage of my professional life. Soon after graduating, I began working at Criss Cross Beauty Salon as an employee and just a few years later took over as owner. During this journey, my overall experience at Criss Cross has been wonderful.  The relationships that we establish with our clients are truly unique and special. In many cases, close friendships have evolved where we care for one another. 

Throughout the years, Criss Cross has experienced various changes in image and with its team members. However, our mission, goals, and objectives have remained.  We are committed to use quality products, provide excellent customer service, and obtain complete client satisfaction.  Our current team composed of Paola, Claudia, Lizeth, and myself, Karina, is always committed to adhere to these standards. To summarize, to make you happy! 


Thank you for being part of this journey.